Staging Tips

Photographing single-family homes takes one to two hours, depending on size. We will photograph both inside and outside the home. Taking the time to stage a home has a big impact on the way the home presents in photos. Decluttering and cleaning go a long way in helping a home appear its best. In general, the photographer will not move personal belongings, rearrange, or clean. We may occasionally ask that something be moved or placed out of sight. Our goal is to make the home most attractive to your potential buyers. 


Before the photographer arrives
Move all vehicles out of the driveway and away from the front of the house. Turn on all interior lights. Put dogs in kennels, in fenced areas, or in a spare room. We will be moving quickly through the house and will not have time to clean or rearrange.

The week before being photographed


Put away or hide garden hoses, tools, trash cans, older lawn furniture, etc. Make sure the lawn is freshly cut and trimmed. Remove dead plants. Trim trees and bushes if needed. Clean pool or hot tub areas. Put away all adult or kid’s toys. Power wash driveways or garages with oil stains. Uncover hot tubs and pools. 


Clean all windows and sliding glass doors. Vacuum carpets, clean floors. Replace any burned out light bulbs. Make sure light bulbs in the same fixtures have bulbs with the same light temperature. Dust and clean cobwebs. 

Kitchen: Remove fridge magnets and pictures on the refigerator. Clean counter tops. Put coffee pots, canisters, mixers, etc out of sight. Clean all appliances and sink area. A bowl of fresh fruit or small bouquet of flowers is a nice touch to add sparkle to the kitchen. 

Main Rooms including living room, dining room, great rooms, etc: Declutter. Remove family photos. Clean up an hide wires and cords. Put away toys and games. In season, turn on or light the fireplace.

Bathrooms: Clean showers and tubs. Remove soaps and shampoos, curling irons, hair dryers, etc. Remove hanging door racks. Put out clean towels. Remove bath mats. 

Bedrooms: Make beds. Put away all clothes and toys. Open curtains or blinds. Put personal belongings out of sight.