2019 Real Estate Photography Prices

20% OFF First Booking with an All-Inclusive Package

Drone Images and Property Websites INCLUDED in All-Inclusive and Luxury packages. 

$150 – Rental and Small Property Package

Ideal for condos, rentals, property-only, docks, and small structures. Includes 15 single-frame images. 24-36 hour turn around. 

$200 – MLS Package
Up to 40 beautiful professional images. This is our basic full-size home package. It includes stunning images, but does not include extras like drone work or sky swaps. It is the perfect package for a basic MLS listing. 

$300 – All-Inclusive Single Family Property Package

Our all-inclusive single-family shoot designed to deliver a complete portfolio of images for a property. This includes drone images, a property website, sky swaps, elevated exteriors, detail shots and more. Ideal for homes from 1,000 to 4,500  square feet. Includes 40-80 images. A combination of lighting techniques will be used to best present the home, including ambient, flash/ambient, exposure blending and occasional HDR. 36 hour turn around (usually same day or early the next morning). 

Luxury Estates, Commercial Properties, Multi-Unit Properties    

For distinctive properties, including all properties over 4,000 square feet, estates, multi-unit properties, and island properties please contact us for a quote. These properties often deserve special care and time to showcase unique features. 

$100 – Dusk and Dawn Exteriors      

One to five light-painted or sunrise/sunset deluxe exteriors, sky swaps included as needed. ($200 when not part of another package.)

$100 – Seasonal Exterior Reshoot     Reshoot exteriors at change of season. 

$125 – Exterior Only     Five to 10 daylight exteriors. 

$125 – Drone Images Only
     Five to 10 drone exteriors. 


$100 – Floor Plans     Begin at $100 up to 2,000 square feet. Plus $25 for each additional 1,000 square feet.    

$10 – Sky Swaps     

Replace gray, rainy skies with an appropriate attractive sky. Priced per image. 


$25 – Day to dusk conversions.

$25 – Home Video/Slideshow.


Travel, Reproduction Rights, Cancellation Fees, Etc. 

All photographic rights, including copyright and ownership rights, remain the sole and exclusive property of Scott Snyder Photography. Scott Snyder Photography grants the client license to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute photos for promotional or advertising purposes related to the sale of the property and promotion of the client’s business only. The license is terminated when the property has sold or when the listing contract with the property owner ends. 

Payment in full is due at the time of the shoot. Files delivered electronically after payment. $25 fee if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled shoot. We will reschedule in the event of extreme weather. This pricing intended for Real Estate Professionals for residential property sale. Please contact us for pricing of other commercial jobs. 

Travel for one hour from our Henniker office is included. Above that a fee may apply.