The Photographer 

NH Real Estate Photography is owned and operated by Scott Snyder. Scott got his beginning as a photographer as a student in the Art Institute of Atlanta’s Photography program in the early 80s. Over the years he has worked as a wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer. He now concentrates on real estate, architectural, and commercial  photography, and fine art landscape photography. Scott is a member of The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, the New Hampshire Artist Association and the New England Photography Guild. 

Our Approach 

Each home is unique and has its own photographic challenges. We use a variety of techniques and lighting styles to best showcase each home. When photographing interiors we often we combine a natural light image with a professionally lit image to show the beauty and movement of ambient light and while also showing accurate colors throughout. When shooting exteriors, on request we will replace gray or overcast skies, do daylight-to-dusk conversions, or shoot at dusk or dawn for the most pleasing light and dramatic presentation. 



All photos remain the sole and exclusive property of Scott Snyder, including all rights relating to the photos, including copyright and ownership rights. Scott Snyder grants the client a license to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute photos for promotional and advertising purposes directly related to the sale of the property. The license is terminated when the property has sold or when the client's listing contract with the property owner ends. Photos may not be used for any purpose, other than those directly related to the sale of the property, without written permission of Scott Snyder.